As we’ve seen may times before, art can be a really powerful social tool allowing us to critique specific aspects of daily life and power structures that we may not be able to in any other manner. I wanted to share with you all a couple pieces of art work that does just this as my very last post for this class. lthough many of us may participate in many of the actions shown here, and we may even be aware of it completely, i assure you that at least one of these images will move you.

Here Goes

Graphic artist and illustrator Steve Cutts has released a series of illustrations which really cut to the core of society in a way that is very haunting to view. A




Within both of the images by these two artists, one theme remains the same. The way that humanity has become distorted and grotesque due to the amount of greed that fuels our society. As a species, we are not above exploitation or killing anybody or anything that may allow us to become more wealthy, and these artists portray that hauntingly in their depictions of the hidden grotesquities that the world refuses to shine a light on- such as the the fact that capitalism drives our entire lives and turning us into a monstrosity, and that we are okay with standing by and allowing corporations to murder and abuse living beings for the sake of numbers on a screen.