Jim Carrey is well know for the joke of his personified ass hole, in “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective”. Vertura is a ventriloquist that yodels and speak through his asshole which helps him speak his mind and getting what he wants. Ventrua acts as if his butt has a mutanious mind of its own, there is a scene where he is attempting to refrain his butt from speaking where he states, “You’ve really pissed him off now – I can’t hold him much longer”. This scene is oddly similar to the scene for “Naked Lunch” where the “man who taught his asshole to talk” ends up in a battle with his asshole, “screaming at it to shut up, and beating it with his fist, and sticking candles up it”  in a battle over the control over his body. Burroughs is a wildly obscene social satirist who enjoys body humour just like our friend Jim Carrey. Though these two pieces are completely different as a whole, in the subject of speaking assholes, they are oddly similar. In “Naked Lunch”, the smells and sounds of the asshole are refered to as a “bubbly, thick, stagnant sound, a sound you can smell”, in “Ace Ventrua”, the asshole also smells, but is aware of this and states, “Afraid I’ll make a stink?”, it then later asks, “Do you have mint?”. “Naked Lunch”, however is seen as more disturbing and disgusting, than, “Ace Ventrua”. The delivery of the speaking asshole is presented in a less grotesque way in “Ace Ventrua” is, as Ace Ventura is fully clothed. By removing the clothing and zooming in on Jim Carrey’s asshole as he spoke through it would ruin the humour of the joke. “Naked Lunch”, is trying to protray a different message other than pure hilarity therefore presents the asshole is a more exposed way. Though it is odd to comare two vastly different peices to one another, it is intersting to see how simialar these pieces are to one another, in regards to their portrayal and personifcation of the asshole.