I wanted to share with you all a few of my favorite pieces by a couple of my favorite artists. I’m not going to go heavily into the course theory as let’s face it, it’s the end of the semester and we’re all a little fried from the amount of work we have to do which makes tasks like these hard.

I’ve been avoiding posting grotesque art due to the amount that many of you have been posting, but after not seeing these pieces discussed yet I wanted to make sure I shared them; if for nothing else than viewing pleasure. 🙂



Choi’s sculptures are a fantastic display in my opinion of bodily grotesque. Removing specific body parts from the whole of the body and displaying them all together (Such as the hanging heads and wings out of hands above) leave a particularly uncomfortable feeling with the viewer. The same with the over exaggerated size of bodily parts (such as the large hands and no head directly above,and large mouths and ears with no arms or eyes). Order and ordinary understanding of the body have been disrupted and are therefore abject.



In the above photo’s the paintings depict many images of the placenta surrounding fully grown individuals, as well as other images of internal organs being represented on the outside of the body. The boundary between the self and the womb of the mother has not been broken within these pictures and it’s quite uncomfortable to view.


Lee Dong Wook’s art is highly acclaimed as being one of the most grotesque and repulsive in this particular artistic field because of his use of bodily parts in place of every day objects. The expressions of the individuals in his tiny sculptures are haunting to say the least, but the one that I find the most repulsive of all of his work is the image i included above of the pregnant mermaid woman. The image of pregnancy within such a grotesque context somehow makes the piece that much more disturbing.


Lastly I included two particular sculptures which I find the most disturbing. The elongated nature of the limbs of these two individuals leave me often feeling repulsed yet fascinated. I remain a fascinated victim of this bodily grotesque, trying to see where one limb ends and another begins. If you look closely you’ll see that many of the limbs look like spindly tree trunks. The fact that nature is being brought into this sculpture and is being intertwined with a human form connects two elements of reality that should not be seen as one.

Truthfully, as an artist myself who paints and sculpts, these particular artists interest me due to the way that they connect aspects of humanity and inanimate objects that surround us, leaving a huge feeling of ambiguity that takes a long time of close observation to truly grasp. I would highly recommend looking at more work from these artists if you are not familiar with them.