What someone may see as grotesque, another may see an opportunity for art and/or innovation. A perfect example is this web page, with pictures and descriptions of 40 “garbage sculptures”. Some are just works of art while a few have a purpose and can be used.


I find these pieces fascinating! If these items were placed in a pile or in the garbage no one would take a second look. People may view the items as useless, even repulsive, but the artists formed the items in such a way that they became something entirely new and different, and now something desirable and interesting to look at. I believe this can fit into the theories of both the sublime and grotesque because both of those concepts are truly based on individual perception. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what someone may see as exquisite, someone else may see nothing; the same goes for feelings of abjection.

After this course, I am sure each person in the class has a slightly different opinion and perception of the sublime and grotesque. Everyone can take something unique from the class and can use the theories we have learned and apply them to their own situations in daily life. We can all take the garbage life gives us and turn it into a masterpiece!